Well it happened…

The day has finally come.  Today is the day I take my life into my own hands and accept responsibility for the things I’ve done.  No I didn’t kill anyone, but if I keep up I could end up killing myself.  Why now? Why after all these years did I finally decide today was the day? Keep reading…

My whole life from the time I was a baby until today I have been chunky.  During my adolescent years my parents would always write it off as baby fat.  Even when I was 25 they would say I was just a “late bloomer”.  They were in denial that their child was overweight, and what’s worse is that I took their comments as acceptance for my lifestyle and an excuse for being fat.  Throughout the last 10 years I have tried to lose weight with calorie counting, Keto, Vegetarianism, even Medifast.  I would lose a good 40 pounds and then give up and get some pizza or fries.  I truly eat like a picky 7 year old and only seem to put things in my body that are fried, processed, or covered in sugar.  The idea of eating fruits and veggies would make me cringe. This brings me to where I am today, a 5’11 28 year old women who has a good 150lbs to lose.

A few weeks ago I watched the documentary “Fat Sick and Nearly Dead” and it changed my outlook of food significantly.  Watching Joe Cross go 60 days without pizza, fast food, or anything I considered a normal meal was mind blowing.  Only juicing for 60 days Joe lost over 80 pounds, and his body looks great.  He was active and doing things I would never dream of doing right now.  The best thing about the film was not so much Joe’s journey but the story of a man Joe inspired while on his reboot, Phil. Phil was 429 when he decided to start the reboot and lost over 100 pounds in those 60 days.  Since then fill has lost a total of 204 pounds and is a completely different person. After finishing this film I knew this is what I wanted to do to help lose weight and get my life back.  It would be real hard for me to go back to my old eating habits after having just fruits and veggies for the next 60 days.

I have done a ton of research on juicing and how to do it safely, so please don’t assume it’s just another fad diet.  I plan on Juicing my meals and snacks for the next 60 days (or less if my body tells me to). During the reboot I will be doing light exercise like walking, swimming, and little lifting if I am up to it. After the reboot I will still juice my breakfast and lunch, but incorporate solid veggies, fruits, and meats such as poultry and fish (I don’t enjoy red meat very much so I will have it sparingly).  I know the first week will probably be the hardest, and I will be tired, irritable, hungry, foggy, and have a few headaches. Yesterday I made my first trip to Costco and the looks your get when you have a cart full of fruits and vegetables are hilarious.  I plan on blogging about each day including what I had, how I felt, and any changes I noticed.  After my reboot I will update weekly so you can hear about the rest of my weight loss progress and my new balanced lifestyle.  If you are someone who has juiced before and have any tips, or are curious about this and have questions please comment below.





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